1000 Children

1000 Children

March 2012

As a literacy team we used the last two weeks of term to assess each child we’ve been working with – assessing 1,000 children took some time! Through this process, a noticeable difference was identified between the Grade 2 and Grade 3 children we are working with.


When we start working with children in Grade 2 they have had very little exposure to English and this is evident from the assessment results (only the higher achievers were able to read simple words). During the year we use a variety of strategies to support the children with the aim of ensuring that all of them are able to use the knowledge of sounds, blends and vowel digraphs to read and spell words. In contrast, the majority of children in Grade 3 were able to apply their knowledge of sounds, blends and diagraphs to the reading of words. We’ve worked with all these children while they were in Grade 2 (during 2011), and to support children who were struggling we worked with small groups to assist them in the development of skills to read words. In order to extend the high achievers we’ve introduced shared reading activities, through this we are able to support the children in developing fluency and comprehension skills. Reading workshop. Unfortunately the workshop planned for March had to be postponed until 12thApril, after the school had scheduled another meeting for the same time. Although all the Grade 1 to 5 teachers arrived for our workshop, their attendance meant that there weren’t enough people in the other meeting for a vote to count. We were asked to stop the workshop so teachers would go to the other meeting. In some ways it was disappointing, but it was encouraging to see that teachers wanted to attend the workshop.

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